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DeWaal Pile Installation At Mobile, Alabama Airbus Facility

Airbus Hanger Deep Foundation

Morris-Shea DeWaal pile was installed at the Mobile, AL Airbus facility as deep foundation for new aircraft manufacturing hanger.

Morris Shea Rigid Inclusions


Morris-Shea’s patented DeWaal pile is ideal for use as rigid inclusions. This drilled, full displacement, cast-in-place concrete pile is installed by powerful, fixed mast drill rigs capable of applying high rotational torque and crowd forces to the unique tool. Installation of this system is performed in a safe, simple and rapid single-pass process that densifies the soil, improves shaft friction, and increases overall pile capacity.
Morris-Shea Driven Pile Deep Foundation

Driven Pile

A Leading North American Pile Driving Contractor

Morris-Shea Augercast Pile

Augercast Pile

Conventional Augercast Pile Morris-Shea installs augercast pile in diameters up to 24-inches and to depths exceeding 100-feet. In the appropriate…

Morris-Shea Partial Displacement Pile

Partial Displacement Pile (PDP)

A Unique Partial Displacement Pile The Morris-Shea Partial Displacement Pile is a hybrid pile system with features of a full…

Morris-shea Micropile And Anchor Installation

Micropile and Anchor

Micropile and Anchor Installation Morris-Shea has extensive experience in the installation of drilled and driven micropiles for the enhancement of…

Morris-Shea Drilled Shaft Installation

Drilled Shaft/Caisson

Ideal Deep Foundation in Marine Environments A drilled shaft (caisson) is often installed in the construction of foundation piers for…

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