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Shea Brothers' Drill Rigs At PEMEX Refinery Construction Site


Morris-Shea chartered a ship to transport equipment from Mobile, Alabama to the PEMEX job site dock. Five Fundex F3500 drill…

Rigid Inclusions At PEMEX Refinery Construction Site In Mexico

Dos Bocas

The Dos Bocas Refinery Project required the installation of 437 32 inch diameter and 193 1 meter diameter Continuous Flight…

Morris-Shea Drill Rig In Restricted Access Job Site

Fundex TTD-50 drill rig

Morris-Shea’s compact Fundex TTD-50 drill rig was perfectly suited to operate in the tight confines of this bank expansion job…

CFA Pile Installation In Mexico

CFA Piles

CFA piles are ideal for most soil conditions and preferable on projects that require vibration-free, low noise installation.

Home Depot Deep Foundation Retrofit

Fundex CD20 Drill Rig

A remote controlled Fundex CD20 drill rig with 20 ton-meters of torque and 15 tons of crowd force is used…

Continuous Flight Auger Pile (CFA) Deep Foundation

CFA Deep Foundation Retrofit

Morris-Shea completed a continuous flight auger pile (CFA) deep foundation retrofit at a 1 million SF online retailer distribution center…

Morris-Shea Rigid Inclusion Graphic

DeWaal Rigid Inclusions.

DeWaal rigid inclusions are specified to accommodate the variable density of the top fill. The loose fill, including gravel, silt,…

Drilled Shaft

Drilled Shaft Installation

Drilled shafts (caisson) are often installed from temporary work platform at marine jobsites. Morris-Shea pioneered the use of double-wall sectional…

CSM Wall Installation

CSM Wall Installation

Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) panels are formed by drilling overlapping primary and secondary panels to depths up to below grade…

Tuscaloosa CSM Jobsite

CSM Wall Soil Retention

Cutter Soil Mixing, CSM, is an advanced soil mixing technique that offers soil retention and water cutoff wall construction. A…

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