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DeWaal Pile Installation At Mobile, Alabama Airbus Facility

Airbus Hanger Deep Foundation

Morris-Shea DeWaal pile was installed at the Mobile, AL Airbus facility as deep foundation for new aircraft manufacturing hanger.

DeWaal Rigid Inclusion

DeWaal Rigid Inclusions

DeWaal rigid inclusions are specified to accommodate the variable density of the top fill. The loose fill, including gravel, silt,…

Alabama Culver House College Pile Installation

Alabama Culver House College

Morris-Shea installed continuous flight auger pile (CFA) for the new Hewson Hall deep foundation construction at the University of Alabama…

Shea Brothers' Fundex Drill Rigs At PEMEX Mexico Refinery Construction Site


Shea Brothers Mexico, with equipment support from deep foundation contractor Morris-Shea, completed foundation installations at two sites in the new…

Shea Brothers' Drill Rigs At PEMEX Refinery Construction Site


Morris-Shea chartered a ship to transport equipment from Mobile, Alabama to the PEMEX job site dock. Five Fundex F3500 drill…

Rigid Inclusions At PEMEX Refinery Construction Site In Mexico

Dos Bocas

The Dos Bocas Refinery Project required the installation of 437 32 inch diameter and 193 1 meter diameter Continuous Flight…

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