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The FUNDEX CD20D is a compact foundation drill rig ideal for installing various piles in job sites where space and height allow only restricted access. Despite the compact design, the machine is powerful and can be equipped with different rotary heads up to 200kNm. TheCD20D can be used for various drilling techniques such as full displacement pile installation (DeWaal Pile System), screw piles, and grout injection piles. Four outriggers enable the machine to lift up and rotate the undercarriage in the driving direction to avoid sprag- ging and damage to the working platform.

The CD20D mobile drill rig features: compact design, high torque performance, low headroom access, re- mote control operation, and transports with the rotary head attached.

Special Features
Engine Horse Power 215
Engine Make
Engine Model
Standard Leader Length (ft)
Max Leader Length (ft) 46
Max Torque (kNm / ton/m) 200 / 20
Standard Drill Depth (ft)
Max Drill Depth (ft)
Max Diameter (in)
Pull-Up Force (tons OR kN) 440 kN
Pull-Down Force (tons OR kN) 140 kN
Max Oil Flow (g/min) 80
Max Hydraulic Pressure (psi) 5,076
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