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Ideal For Most Soil Conditions

Morris-Shea CFA pile provides a field-proven deep foundation solution that is economical and environment-friendly. The elimination of temporary or permanent steel casings increases production rates, reduces costs and minimizes work area requirements. CFA piles are ideal for most soil conditions and preferable on projects that require vibration-free, low noise installation.


Morris-Shea has been installing large diameter CFA pile since 1992 for critical projects throughout North America and the Caribbean. Our fleet of powerful drill rigs can install CFA piles in diameters from 14 inches to 5 feet with maximum depths to 165 feet.

CFA Pile Installation Method

Prior to the start of drilling, the pile number is entered into the Morris-Shea onboard Automated Monitoring System. Drilling begins with the CFA tool rotating clockwise as crowd force is applied to the auger. The tooling is advanced with high torque rotation and crowd so installation proceeds rapidly and without over-rotation. Morris-Shea’s powerful drill rigs can exert up to 50 tons of torque, 45 tons of crowd force and 120 tons of extraction force. Upon reaching design depth, advancement ceases while the drill continues to rotate slowly in a clockwise direction.

The CFA tooling is connected by hose to a high-powered mobile concrete pump. A self-consolidating, coarse aggregate concrete mix is pumped under pressure through the hollow stem of the CFA tool to the base of the borehole.


Constant realtime monitoring of all drilling parameters is observed by the rig operator utilizing Morris-Shea’s Automated Monitoring System. Careful coordination between concrete pumping and the tool extraction rate is made simple and easily repeatable with our Automated Monitoring Equipment. The AME display offers an ongoing presentation of the volume of concrete placed. It also provides the rig operator with a target extraction rate that ensures the construction of a quality monolithic concrete shaft.

Drill tenders complete construction of the pile by placing a steel reinforcing cage, manufactured by the Morris-Shea team, into the concrete.

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