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The role of a concrete pump operator is to operate, maintain and perform light repair functions on the equipment designed to deliver concrete to trucks or directly to the location of the excavated drill shaft. In the latter case, the concrete may be delivered to the bottom of the drilled shaft in order to displace the supporting slurry upward or to the top of the tremie pipe that delivers the concrete to the bottom by gravity.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Comply with Company rules and regulations regarding safety, drinking/drug use and environmental requirements
  • Knowledge of the concrete pump and delivery piping to ensure proper maintenance and repair, if necessary
  • Familiar with all aspects of safety protocol and equipment required to perform the work; including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while performing duties on site
  • Demonstrate safe driving while working on site when maneuvering the pump or pump truck into an efficient position
  • Keep accurate records of repairs and maintenance performed on the pump and truck and advise Project
  • Superintendent of the spare parts inventory and the need to replenish
  • Work with the project mechanic to effect repairs that are more difficult and require assistance of other mechanics

Qualifications and Education Requirements

The position requires a minimum of (3) years on the job training on heavy construction projects, including a minimum of three (3) projects with drilled shaft foundations concreted using pumping methods.

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