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The FUNDEX F2800 is a medium-sized and powerful foundation rig. The F2800 can be used for various drill- ing and pile driving techniques such as full displacement pile installation (DeWaal Pile System), soil mixing, sheet pile push pull system and vibratory hammers. Extension pieces are fed from the bottom to allow work in restricted areas.

Special Features
Engine Horse Power 543
Engine Make Deutz
Engine Model TCD16.0V8
Standard Leader Length (ft) 92′
Max Leader Length (ft) 102′
Max Torque (kNm / ton/m) 500 / 56
Standard Drill Depth (ft) 79′
Max Drill Depth (ft) 84′
Max Diameter (in) Displacement / CFA 24″ / 47″
Pull-Up Force (tons OR kN) 100 T / 1,000 kN
Pull-Down Force (tons OR kN) 50 T / 500 kN
Max Oil Flow (g/min) 211
Max Hydraulic Pressure (psi) 5,076
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