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The FUNDEX TTD50 is a mobile compact drill rig ideal for installing various foundations and earth retention such as full displacement pile (DeWaal Pile System), anchor drilling, and continuous flight auger (CFA) drill- ing. Despite the compact design, the machine is powerful and equipped with a 500kNm rotary head. Thanks to the modular leader setup and the removable FPP405 power pack this machine is suitable in places where space and height are restricted.

The TTD50 mobile drill rig features: compact design, high torque performance, low headroom access, re- mote control operation, and transports with the rotary head attached.

Special Features

Max Torque (kNm / ton/m)


500 / 56

Special Features
Engine Horse Power 543
Engine Make Volvo
Engine Model TAD1373VE
Standard Leader Length (ft)
Max Leader Length (ft) 79′
Max Torque (kNm / ton/m) 500 / 56
Standard Drill Depth (ft)
Max Drill Depth (ft) 79′
Max Diameter (in) Displacement / CFA 22″ / ?
Pull-Up Force (tons OR kN) 40 T
Pull-Down Force (tons OR kN) 20 T
Max Oil Flow (g/min) 211
Max Hydraulic Pressure (psi)
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