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Minimizes Settlement in Compressible Soil Conditions

DeWaal Rigid Inclusions

Rigid inclusions provide ideal ground improvement in loose, compressible soils by dispersing load across multiple concrete piles with a load transfer platform situated directly above DeWaal piles. This deep foundation technique minimizes structure settlement.

DeWaal rigid inclusions are specified to accommodate the variable density of loose fill, including gravel, silt, clay, organics and debris. Loose fill can encourage settlement and the installation of rigid inclusions in unstable soil conditions provides ground improvement. The DeWaal Pile System is also recommended for installation as rigid inclusions in liquefiable soils.

DeWaal rigid inclusions are topped with a load transfer platform to further distribute a heavy structure’s load. When the shear stress for unreinforced rigid inclusion construction is too high, steel center bars are specified to counter liquefiable soils and minimize bending moments and shears.

Morris-Shea’s patented DeWaal pile is ideal for use as rigid inclusions. This drilled, full displacement, cast-in-place concrete pile is installed by powerful, fixed mast drill rigs capable of applying high rotational torque and crowd forces to the unique tool. Installation of this system is performed in a safe, simple and rapid single-pass process that densifies the soil, improves shaft friction, and increases overall pile capacity.

DeWaal Pile tool drilling image
DeWaal Pile tool drilling image
DeWaal Pile tool extraction
Morris-Shea load transfer platform graphic
load transfer platform graphic
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